The Wapping Project Residency in Berlin

The aim of the residency is to provide a period of rest, recreation and reflection for artists and practitioners in mid-career. It is a condition of the residency that NO work is produced during the eight week period of the programme.

The residency provides free accommodation in a classic Berlin apartment in an Altbau, early 20th century building. It is a private space in an urban environment. It is located in Kreuzberg in West Berlin, overlooking Victoria Park. Kreuzberg is known for its concentration of artists, galleries and performance spaces; it is not yet over gentrified. It is possible for the successful applicant to be accompanied by a partner and up to two children, if the children are able to share one bedroom.

Living costs and travel are NOT included in the award and applicants should ensure that they’re able to support themselves adequately during the period of the residency

Berlin Residencies 2018 +

The recipients of 2018 residencies are:

Laura Kaye
Winter 2018

Pia Borg
Spring 2018

Sanna Moore
Summer 2018

Natasha Tarpley
Autumn 2018


The artistic level of the applications was of a high standard and the many reasons for a required break compelling. This made the selection process and the final decision a tough task. We focused on the unique parameters of our residencies being a period of not working and not developing new projects, and instead allowing oneself to have a break and to be removed from any accustomed day to day work and live routines.

We would like to thank all the applicants who took part in the process.

Who Can Apply? +

The residency is open to

  • Artists
  • Filmmakers
  • Photographers
  • Choreographers/Dancers
  • Composers
  • Writers/Poets
  • Architects
  • Furniture Designers
  • Curators

Residencies are not open to students, including those pursuing PhDs full time.

Age minimum at the time of application

33 years

Award History +

“… now there is a fast film running back – sun – wasps – quiet voices – carful bodies – diaries written never to be seen – words to drive out demons – walking the streets … old patterns – old questions- new ideas … Thank-you-thank-you, for the light touch and the big space”
Wendy Houstoun
Autumn 2016

“… This was a truly magical time and space for me and my son Kosmo… I tried to do and grasp everything special during our stay. For the first time in my adult life, magic started happening when I stopped trying.”
Maja Mustonen
Summer 2016

“…Sitting here surrounded by white walls, tucked in safely. Sitting inside the blank sheet of paper in a home quite the opposite of mine – a crowded one bedroom. Feeling totally relaxed, filled to equal measure with energy and tranquility and hopeful about my artistic future… Starting new work in the Autumn and not fearing that ideas will simply dry up.”
Dana Sederowsky
Summer 2015

“I began wondering what had taken place within the walls of my temporary residence in Kreuzberg, who and what had occupied its spaces, the memories it had absorbed and how they might reverberate like an internal echo. The condition of the residency, that ‘NO work be produced’ feels counter intuitive to an artist, however this limitation is definitely its greatest strength. Whatever working practices you bring to Berlin, they become subject to the emptiness of the apartment and the agreement not to produce any work. This imposes real but transforming and liberating constraints. The Wapping Project Berlin introduced me to the complexities of a city constantly in states of change and provided me with a unique opportunity to refocus and take in information from unexpected sources.”
Zara Matthews
Autumn 2015

Previous Winners

  • Ewa Wesolowska
    Installation Artist
    Autumn 2017
  • Phoebe Ching Ying Man
    Visual Artist
    Summer 2017
  • Özlem Sariyildiz
    Spring 2017
  • Mara Lee Gerdén
    Winter 2017
  • Wendy Houstoun
    Choreographer and Performer
    Autumn 2016
  • Maija Mustonen
    Summer 2016
  • Zara Matthews
    Autumn 2015
  • Dana Sederowsky
    Video Performance Artist and Photographer
    Summer 2015
Apply +

Applications for 2018 residencies are now closed. Successful applicants will be notified shortly. Applications for 2019 residencies are planned to open in September 2019.