Fashion Department,The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (6 February – 3 March 2008)

SKIRT 1 was the first of two exhibitions in collaboration with the Fashion Museum (MoMu, Antwerp) and the Fashion Department,The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, featuring students’ project SKIRT.

The exhibition brought together twenty-three subtly stunning takes on ‘the skirt’, arranged like figures in the haunting landscape of the Boiler House of the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. Each skirt is a unique representation of this staple of female fashion, exploiting form, fabric and texture to create pieces which blur the lines between fashion and art. Close inspection of these extraordinary studies reveals the depth and talent of young designers at the beginning of their careers, and illustrates the reputation of one of the world’s most respected fashion schools.

SKIRT is the students’ first assignment in fashion design, which is subsequently executed in the ‘coupe’ or ‘tailoring’ course.

SKIRT 1 featured pieces by:

Johan Akesson
Claudia Baik
Maria Elektra Bertram
Yoo Ri Choi
Marike Cramer
Leonneke Derksen
Nathalie Fordeyn
Toon Geboers
Maria Girelli
Katsuhiro Igarashi
Cédric Jacquemyn
Elina Jonsson
Katharina Groborz
Anna Kushnerova
Laure Lamborelle
Mariel Manuel
Astrid Michaelis
Astrid Peeters
Rie Tanaka
Matthieu Thouvenot
Thorbjorn Uldam
Angelo Van Mol
Takumi Yanazaki

SKIRT 1 was followed by the exhibition DRESS 2  in 2009.