Past – Forward: The Wapping Project at 20

Twenty podcasts to mark twenty years of The Wapping Project, looking back and looking forward. Hosted by writer and curator Gareth Evans.

Autumn Season

The first season of five episodes includes: conversations with artist Jane Prophet, choreographers Lea Anderson and Luca Silvestrini, writers and translators Sophie Hughes and Jen Calleja, writer Alia Trabucco Zerán, and The Wapping Project’s co-directors Marta Michalowska & Thomas Zanon-Larcher; readings by actors Patrick O’Brien and Polly Kemp; music by composers Laura Cannell and Billy Cowie; and sounds from The Wapping Project’s archives.

Hosted by Gareth Evans
Sound edit and design by Philippe Frau-Nadal
Including recordings from The Wapping Project’s archives
Podcast intro theme by Billy Cowie from the soundtrack to ‘Shiny Nylon’