The Wapping Project on Paper (limited edition)

A celebration of two decades of The Wapping Project (1993-2013) within the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, a building that defined our commissioning during that time.

The Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, which finally closed in 1977 after 87 years of operation as the last example of its type of building in the world, was taken over by celebrated theatre director Jules Wright in 1993 and would eventually open to the public in October 2000. The conversion of the space was conceived by architectural and design practice SHED 54, and it was this broad approach to both project and space that has helped foster such a diverse combination of groundbreaking contemporary art, performance, fashion, theatre, architecture and  food within the immersive space of the historic industrial building. Many luminary figures across the arts have contributed to its history, including  Anya Gallaccio (Intensities and Surfaces, 1996), Jane Prophet (Conductor, 2000), Tracey Moffat (Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy, Heaven, Artist, Lip, 2001), Richard Wilson (Butterfly, 2003), Jock McFadyen (A13, 2004), Deborah Turbevile (The Narrative Works 1975-1997, 2006), and Zineb Sedira (MiddleSea, 2008) to name a few. Most of the exhibitions within the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station included new site-specific  commissions. The space has always had a sense of flux about it, changing with each new work installed within it.

Volume I
History of the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station

Volume II
Transition (1993-1999): projects within the derelict Wapping HydraulicPower Station and other industrial ruins in the East End of London

Volume III
Evolution (2000-2013): projects within the restored Wapping Hydraulic Power Station


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limited edition of three clothbound volumes in a box
Volume I: 40 pages, Volume II: 122 pages, Volume III: 366 pages
44.5 cm x 32.5 cm
9.5 kg
published by The Wapping Project and black dog publishing
edited and designed by Imogen Eveson
edition of 300