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Discover the real stories that led to Rambo as Rambo: First Blood is re-released

Discover the real stories that led to Rambo
aRambo: First Blood is re-released across cinemas.

Watch the acclaimed documentary Erase and Forget for FREE GLOBALLY for one week starting 12 noon BST, 4 July 2022 

Andrea Luka Zimmerman’s Erase and Forget (83mins, 2018) charts the life of James ‘Bo’ Gritz, one of America’s highest decorated veterans, the ‘inspiration’ behind RAMBO, Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith (THE A-TEAM) and Brando’s Colonel Kurtz (APOCALYPSE NOW).

Gritz was at the heart of American military and foreign policy – both overt and covert – from the Bay of Pigs to Afghanistan, before turning whistleblower and launching anti-government training programmes.

Financed by Clint Eastwood and William Shatner (via Paramount Pictures) in exchange for the rights to tell his story, Gritz’s ‘deniable’ missions searched for American POWs in Vietnam. He exposed US government drug running, turning against the Washington ‘elite’ as a result.

He stood for President, created a community in the Idaho backlands and trained Americans in strategies of counter-insurgency against the incursions of their own government.

Available to watch for FREE from noon BST on 4 July until 11 July

The film world premiered at the 67th Berlinale Film Festival in 2017.

A Fugitive Images and Bright Eye Film production. Supported by The Wapping Project, Arts Council England, Film London, The Danish Film Institute.

It was released in UK cinemas in 2018 and received widespread acclaim:

EMPIRE ★★★★ this is a compelling portrait of a war hero who epitomises many Middle American concerns and convictions… a disconcerting documentary, which also doubles as an insight into the American mindset that led to the election of Donald Trump

DAILY EXPRESS ★★★ intriguing, eye-opening documentary… He comes across as a dangerous cocktail of fact and fantasy who could be the father of fake news

MORNING STAR ★★★★ this timely documentary explores the country’s militarism and its toxic love affair with guns. Gripping and jaw-dropping, it’s a documentary that needs to be seen to be believed

TIME OUT ★★★★ an especially probing portrait of a wounded man and his role in the fetishisation of state-sanctioned violence

EVENING STANDARD ★★★ makes your jaw drop… an education